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Parker (RopeBoi) is a smiley queer rigger and versatile SM player. Since 2009, Parker has presented rope lessons, workshops, and performances across North America and Europe, and has gained an international reputation as an innovative self-suspension performer and presenter. Parker’s passions include highly mobile dynamic suspensions, quirky and sadistic predicaments, and enthusiastic consent. Parker first was introduced to shibari/kinbaku a decade ago in the Boston area, where Topologist and his Somerville rope group were a formative and lasting influence on Parker’s approach to tying. Since then, Parker has had the privilege of learning from some preeminent rope teachers and tying with some amazing partners and collaborators.

Parker enjoys using the versatile medium of rope to enable and disable different corporeal possibilities, to present and overcome challenges, to instigate intense sensations, and to suspend bodies in space. Parker’s rope style articulates with issues of abject and queer bodies, as well as with questions of social bonds, boundedness, boundaries, and potentials for their transgression or transcendence. Parker respects that all bodies are different and that there are no “one-size-fits-all” ties.

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