Do You Flow Erotic?

This is an event being created from the ground up. If you would like to see something special, or know of a particular instructor you’d like to learn from – whether that’s about kink, about flow arts, or about burlesque – please let us know about them, and we’ll do our best to fly them out and compensate them for their time and skills!

Are there volunteer slots?

Of course! But they’re going to be few, and you’re more likely to be subsidized rather than comped into the event. That’s the way it is with all-inclusive campgrounds, I’m afraid…

Wait, camping? I don’t do the outdoors…

The event is at a campground that’s more like “band camp for adults” than the wild outdoors. There will be space to tent if that’s your thing, but there are plenty of cabins with hot running water, showers, plumbing, tempurpedic beds, a swimming pool…and yes, there is communal dining, but it’s not just camp food – it’s good camp food. All on 40 acres of adult-only, sex-positive and beautifully maintained Maryland woodland.

Are you looking for sponsors?

You betcha! If your customer base includes people into kink, burlesque, or flow arts, we promise to deliver one helluva focus group! Contact us for sponsorship and advertising opportunities.

Let us know you’re coming, and we’ll be in touch when tickets become available! Contact information is below.