Ms. Behavin

Burlesque has been an experience in loving my body. Feeling empowered in my skin. Eschewing beauty ideals to represent in the performing arts scene.

Ms Behavin is an actor, producer, director and burlesque/kink performer. In 2005, her and her production partner started Foxy Veronica’s Peach Pies, which helped galvanize the burlesque scene in Wisconsin.

She learned rope from Graydancer and with that knowledge has been incorporating kink into her burlesque ever since. “Incorporating kink was just another part of accepting the whole of me in a way that was fun and challenging.”

She is well versed on racial issues as it relates to performance and works with the minority community in Madison to facilitate representation in the arts. In her day to day life, she runs a housing program for homeless disabled single men, women, families and veterans.

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