Frequently Asked Questions for Potential Presenters and Performers

Q. When and where is your event?

A. April 20th through the 22nd at a private “campground” in Darlington Maryland! The property is a 200 acre alternative-lifestyle-friendly retreat center with lodgings options from camping to cabins along with hot showers, flush toilets and optional meal plans.

Q. Are these compensated positions aka “do you pay us anything”?

A. YES. All of our headline presenters and performers have the option to receive a $100 honorarium per class taught, performance or special event hosted with the expectation that each headliner offer two classes and one additional offering. We also offer to cover for them travel as well as food and lodgings at the event and provide a complimentary event admission for them and one to use for a guest if they like.

Q. What about partners/demo bottoms?

A. There are many different ways that our presenters collaborate with others. Instead of telling them what we think those people need, we offer three options to choose from:

  • Complimentary food and lodgings for one additional person -OR-
  • A $50 additional honorarium per class that has demo partner(s) -OR-
  • You may also decline compensation for partners or yourself at your discretion.

Q. What if I change my mind about who my demo partner perks go to?

A. We operate under the Responsible Adult No-Backsies Policy. If one of our presenters gives their extra ticket code to someone who uses it to register as an invited guest, we can only transfer that ticket by the request of the person it was gifted to. Just like you can’t change your mind on having bought somebody flowers or dinner, you can’t do this either.