Wondering what all those choices are? Here’s some simple definitions:

Flow Erotic Event Ticket – $ 179.00
This gives you admission to the grounds, to all performances, classes, workshops, and areas to explore your passions. Camping is free and you are welcome to pitch a tent in any of our designated camping areas. For safety and logistics, all cars will need to be parked away from campsites in the car lots.
  • Cabin Bed – $125 – These are large single memory-foam mattresses in cabins that are bunkhouse-style (8-10 per cabin room). Bedding is not included, so bring a sleeping bag or plan on visiting the nearby Wal-Mart. Want to create your own cabin group? Email gray@flowerotic.com and we’ll work it out! First come, first served…
  • Meal Plan – $75 – There’s a chow hall with better-than-average camp food, including vegetarian options. If you don’t feel like cooking, this is the plan for you
  • Cabin Bed+Meal Plan – $180 – The two most popular options combined with a handy discount.
  • RV Camping Space – $100 – You have an RV, you say? We don’t have hookups, but we have space for you. They are limited, so let us know early that you’re coming. This covers the space for the whole event.
  • Car Camping Space – $50 – If all that hauling and hiking isn’t for you, good news! There is a campsite where you are welcome to park your car and camp adjacent to it. $50 reserves your space for the event from check-in to check-out but please note, for safety reasons these do not have in/out privileges during the event.
  • Sunday Night Stayover – $50 – Want an extra evening at RambleWood? While there’s no official Flow Erotic programming for Sunday night, many people enjoy a slow wind down hanging out by a fire or just enjoying the grounds. Note: All Flow Erotic equipment will be taken down Sunday afternoon and not available in the evening. No meals will be served Sunday evening or Monday morning.

Most attendees go for the basic ticket plus two add-ons: the Cabin Bed + Meal Plan and a Sunday Night Stayover. But you can choose your own adventure, car-pool, or decide you are going to live on Cliff Bars and Happiness for the weekend and sleep out under the stars (note: this is not recommended. There are critters in the woods).

Questions? Email gray@flowerotic.com!